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5 Custom Pizza Orders Inspired By Horror Movies

As Halloween draws near, it’s not uncommon for family and friends to host horror movie nights. Whether you’re watching new horror releases or some of the classics, a great movie night is often accompanied with some delicious pizza and drinks. Instead of ordering the usual pizza toppings from your favorite Italian restaurant, you can infuse themes from a collection of horror movies. The following five pizza ideas not only have a great horror theme, but they can also become a new favorite pizza for your household. Unmasking the Killer A great tradition in many slasher flicks is the eventual reveal of the killer. The whole movie builds up to the eventual unmasking where audiences are shocked and new twists are revealed. The same theme can apply when you’re ordering take-out pizza. Instead of having the pizza toppings on top of the cheese, you can request that they are cooked under the cheese. This gives you a surprise in every bite as you eat the pizza and “unmask” the toppings on the inside. A little extra fun can be added with some spicy toppings. JalapeƱo peppers can be added under the cheese to add an extra kick with random bites of the pizza. This can add the same shock value that comes when a killer is finally revealed. A Bloody Mess Horror movies are often known for their blood, gore, and use of special effects. Showcase your love for the crazy horror movie antics by ordering up a pizza that represents these elements. One of the easiest ways to do this is by ordering extra sauce on the pizza. Just...

New To The Low-Carb Lifestyle? Follow These Tips To Eat Out Without Sabotaging Your Diet

If you’ve recently begun following a low-carb eating plan, which requires you to steer clear of most starchy vegetables, grain products, and fruits, eating out may seem intimidating. You cannot order the burger, pizza, or club sandwich you used to order prior to adopting this lifestyle, and even common side dishes like French fries and rolls are off the menu. Don’t despair. You don’t have to sit at home while your friends go out to eat, or relegate yourself to only ordering a side salad. With these low-carb dining tips for beginners, you can eat out with confidence and without blowing your diet plan. Consider ordering a burger or chicken sandwich without the bun. You might cry at the thought that you can never have your favorite burger or chicken sandwich again — but you actually can! Burgers themselves are low in carbohydrates. It’s the bun that’s loaded in starch. Order your favorite burger without the bun, and you have a delicious meal. As low-carb dieting has become more common, restaurants have become accustomed to this request and most will gladly accommodate you. Some will even wrap your burger in lettuce, so you can eat it out of hand instead of with a knife and fork. Order a meal salad — and pay close attention to the ingredients. Meal salads are great choices in the low-carb diet, since they tend to consist of meats and vegetables. Just pay close attention to the ingredients before you order one — you don’t want a salad with a mountain of croutons or a side of pita. If a salad that sounds delicious...

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